Sunday, October 21, 2018

Easy Roses for California's Central Coast

Purple Splash is one of the most vigorous and floriferous climbers on the market.
Join us Thursday, October 25, 7 p.m. at the Aptos Public Library. I'll present a PowerPoint slide show of Easy Roses to grow in our area. Joining me will be several other rosarians who can answer your specific questions about these extraordinary plants. All guests are welcome.

Now is the time that local nurseries are ordering roses for next year. Attend our meeting and check out roses you can be successful at growing. Then, take your suggestions to local nurseries.

Most of the photos are from local gardens and were taken by local rosarians. These are definitely the best roses for our area and all have enthusiastic supporters.

Many of the suggested roses are usually available locally.

Among our many suggestions are: Sugar Moon, Memorial Day, Julia Child, Twilight Zone, and In The Mood.
Sugar Moon

Memorial Day, photo by Janey Leonardich

Julia Child
Twilight Zone, photo by Janey Leonardich

In The Mood, photo by John Mahoney

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