Thursday, June 4, 2020

2020 - A Great Rose Year

Westerland, shrub

Hands down this has been one of the most spectacular spring rose blooms in history. 

Santa Cruz rosarian Joe Ghio says it’s the best year of his entire 70-plus years of growing roses.

Along California's Central Coast, we had a chilly, dry February which came, of course, right on the heels of our pruning regime. This truly put the roses to rest. March brought us rain right when the roses started growing. Additions of alfalfa pellets and Epsom salt super kick-started the growth in my garden. I hadn’t done the Epsom salt cure in years. 

A month later, my application of a good rose fertilizer and some watering pushed the blossoms up and out. The sunny but cool days of April allowed the buds to develop and bloom gloriously.

The recent hot and sunny days hurried up the bloom cycle and now we all ended up with lots of home dead heading to do.

But before this spring is in the distant past, here are some photos of my best roses.
The Black Prince, hybrid perpetual

Blue Girl, hybrid tea

Gloire des Rosomanes, (Ragged Robin), hybrid china

Secret, hybrid tea

Isfahan, damask

China Doll, polyantha

Margaret Merril, floribunda

Rosa woodsii fendleri, species

Tahitian Sunset, hybrid tea

Charles de Mills, gallica

Isfahan, damask

Nur Mahal, hybrid musk
Sally Holmes, hybrid musk


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